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FAA Approved Flight Dispatcher Certification Course


From training to graduation to interviews to being hired = you can do this!

Flight Innovation, Inc. is approved by the FAA under 14 CFR Part 65 as a Course Operator. The Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) maintains jurisdiction over our training center.

Our instructors are current active Flight Dispatchers with an average of 15 years in the industry and will take on any effort to help you obtain your license.  Our association with the ORD FSDO forms part of our “team” as we offer every area of expertise and support towards you launching your airline career.

Our Aircraft Dispatcher curriculum is based on Next Generation (Boeing NG) aircraft – meaning you are trained on modern airline fleets, leading edge flight planning technology and industry best practices.

Any aviation interest is welcome; no airline experience is required to get started.

Our Flight Dispatch training results in your achieving the FAA Flight Dispatcher Certificate, thereby qualifying you join this exciting career. Being trained and Licensed, you are then qualified and suited to circulate your resume and begin airline employment interviews immediately. Once graduated and licensed it is our commitment to assist you with resume and interview preparation.

Once achieved, your Flight Dispatch license never expires. There are FAA recurrent training requirements which assures you maintain the required levels of Flight Dispatch skill and competency.

Just as important as preparing you specifically for a Flight Dispatch career, our Flight Dispatch training provides a powerful introduction to as many as 10 other airline or aviation careers:


Airline Meteorologist
Air Traffic Controller
Load Planner
Fleet Routing
Maintenance Controller
Computer Flight Planner
Aircraft PerformanceEngineer
IT Specialist – Airline
Airline Crew Scheduler
Safety Management


Airline Employee Career Fast ­Track

Are you currently an airline employee with maybe a dead ­end job?
Do you have the desire to advance professionally within your airline?

If yes, look at the list of airline and aviation jobs above: add the FAA Flight Dispatch License to your resume – when any of those job openings are posted by your airline, you may aggressively move forward and achieve the highest results. Many high seniority Flight Dispatchers are chosen as Operations Managers and Directors.

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