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About your Aviation Career Launch

Getting your Flight Dispatch Training off the ground:

1. Be in a realistic financial position at this point in your life to afford this training
2. Be in a realistic time management position between your current affairs and this training
3. Your family and best friends will need to support you in this endeavor

1. Plan for Aircraft Dispatcher Training to cost you about $5,000
a. $4,499 for FULL Course Training
b. $560 for Knowledge Exam and PTS Exam
c. Your transportation expenses

2. Plan for a 9-10 week time commitment
a. 8 weeks of scheduled training
b. 4-5 days a week
c. 5-6 hours a day
d. 1-2 weeks of Final PTS Exam study (optional, often necessary)

3. Family and best friend support
a. Social and free time will be significantly affected during this training
b. A quiet place within your residence for study and online sessions is needed
c. Help by giving you quizzes, question/answer exercises is ideal

Training: Timeline and Required Objectives:

Students are required to attend and accomplish 200 hours of instruction via online, classroom and field trip type events.

At the end of training you will receive a Certificate of Graduation.

The first objective is to pass the Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test, called the ADX. This is a computer based exam taken by each student at an FAA Approved exam site. Typically students are prepared to take their ADX Exam after the 4th week of class, or about mid-point in the training.

At the end of the computerized test, you will receive an official Knowledge Exam Result.

The second objective is to pass the Aircraft Dispatcher Practical Test Standard or PTS. This is made by appointment with an FAA examiner whom will oversee the approximate five (5) hour event with you.  The PTS is split into two objectives: Practical Paperwork Calculations and Oral Memory Response to Normal, Abnormal and Emergency pre-flight and in-flight related scenarios.  Each of these two events average about 2.5 hours each.  Students usually schedule their FAA PTS exam about one week after the end of the eight (8) weeks training course.

When you pass the PTS the FAA examiner will issue you a temporary Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, valid for 90-120 days. During this time the FAA will mail you a permanent plastic license.  Your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate/License is valid for life.

You may begin your career immediately.  Congratulations!