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JumpStart: Early Learning Program

JumpStart Overview:

This is an online study program / option designed for students to get a “jump” or head-start on their Aircraft Dispatcher Training.  The outstanding benefits allow students to have an early road-map on how the training will look in terms of topics, important focus areas and key elements of the program that will be the most challenging.

In addition, we have found that students enrolling in JumpStart perform with aptitude and test scores approximately 15% higher vs not utilizing a JumpStart program.

JumpStart is not an extra cost burden to achieving your Aircraft Dispatcher license; it is a part of the Full Course total tuition and the Accelerated Course total Tuition.

ADX JumpStart:

The FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Exam is the first significant test facing any student.  Study and preparation for the FAA ADX exam is the biggest challenge for students in terms of the overall scope of subject matter.  It is mandatory that students pass this Exam before moving into the next phase of Training.  Participating in ADX JumpStart results in FAA ADX exam scores approximately 15% higher vs non-use of the JumpStart program.

We utilize an FAA approved Online Learning System for the ADX JumpStart program. It is extremely user-friendly and students may access the program for a full year as a means of continued learning, even after finishing your Aircraft Dispatcher training.  Why not use this tool as a way to be sharp with topical preparation before your first airline interviews?

The cost of ADX JumpStart is $999 and is included in the tuition for whatever course you will attend.  You may begin ADX JumpStart at anytime.

PTS JumpStart:

Once the ADX portion of training is complete and students have passed their FAA ADX exam, the Practical Test Standards (PTS) portion of training is the next and final step. This entails learning the practical methodology of Flight Dispatching, normal, abnormal and emergency flight situations and prepares you for your in person appointment with an FAA examiner.  This is the event that results in you achieving your Aircraft Dispatcher license!

Why not enroll in the PTS JumpStart now — be prepared in advance and begin studying the approximate 350 questions, pre-flight and in-flight scenarios you will be quizzed on face to face with the examiner? Use your knowledge of these same questions and scenarios as a significant part of preparing for your airline interviews once you have your license.

The cost of PTS JumpStart is $999 and is included in the tuition for whatever course you will attend.  You may begin ADX JumpStart at anytime.

Begin your career today — enroll in both the ADX and PTS JumpStart programs.