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June 2018 Class

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    11 June, 2018 - 3 August, 2018
    08:00 - 19:00


You are enrolling/registering for FAA approved Aircraft Dispatcher certification training, provided by Flight Innovation, Inc. an FAA approved Course Operator.

The training is administered via online training course modules followed by classroom instruction sessions hosted at National Louis University / Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, IL.

JumpStart” training = start now = as part of enrollment/registration:

Get a jump start on your training now – from the time you pay tuition and enroll. Student test scores average about 15% higher when “JumpStart” is utilized prior to starting the course.

We aim to provide you with software, passwords, manuals and books immediately, however, please allow us up to 5 business days to set you up to get a “jump” on studies for your Aircraft Dispatcher training.

Learning in advance of classes is time well spent: it is valuable, exciting and relevant. It is great you chose to start now!

Total tuition and Costs:

  • FAA Approved FULL Course = $3,999
  • JumpStart enrollment = $999 — is included in the above FULL Course cost
  • Knowledge exam fee = approx $160 — not included in tuition
  • PTS exam fee = approx $400 — not included in tuition


Online training: (typically 10-15 days/events)

  • These course modules/objectives prepare each student for the FAA required Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Exam.
  • Both this portion of the training plus passing the Knowledge Exam must be completed prior to advancing to the classroom training sessions.
  • The online courseware is provided primarily by FAA approved vendors utilizing an electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) as part of our FAA Aircraft Dispatcher course approval.
  • Full time instructors are available to assist students during the online portion of training.

College classroom training (typically 20-25 days/events):

  • Classroom training prepares each student for the FAA required Aircraft Dispatcher Practical Test Standard or PTS.
  • The PTS can be considered as comprising two parts — Practical Exam preparation and Oral question/answer preparation.
  • All training books, materials and devices needed to pass the PTS are provided and included in the total cost of training.
  • At the moment and time you (the student) passes the Aircraft Dispatcher PTS, you are immediately issued your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license and may launch your career.

With the potential for limited remaining classroom space, we appreciate early enrollments/registrations.
By registering for the course you accept our terms and conditions.



To be eligible for an aircraft dispatcher certificate, a person must:

(1) Be at least 23 years of age;
(2) Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language;
 You can finish this course as long as you are 21 years old and receive your certificate on your 23rd birthday.

No experience needed!


Financing available:

Enroll and “JumpStart” your studies today!


1000 Capitol Drive, Wheeling, Illinois, 60090, United States