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Online course + in-class

Designed for anyone without any prior aviation experience. All you need to do is register at any time and you can start studying from convenience of your home as early as Today. Please see details below.

We offer unique training opportunity on New Generation Aircraft 


Start as early as today:   Online Self Study.

Pick any of the following class:
August 14th 2017
October 2nd 2017
January 8th 2018

Cost of training:

You can start Online study for just $4399*
* plus credit card processing fee, examination fees are not included.

Written exam $150-$160
Oral & Practical : $400


You can register at any time. Please complete registration form:
Register form

Completion of the course:

Online Self Study:
You will need to complete all assignment before being eligible for in-class session.
Don’t worry if you won’t finish on time. We will simply assign you to the next class.


In class:
10 days in class with an instructor,
Monday – Friday 8 am until 12 noon

Minimum Requirements:

Online Self Study: Personal computer, iPad, iPhone or Android Phone, with access to Internet.