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Terms and Conditions

Early enrollment / registration at the $999 level

Students are entitled to the JumpStart early training program along with a guaranteed seat in that particular
training class when the $999 early registration option is chosen.

This early enrollment payment is part of the total cost of the training course.

Full Payment Policy

Tuition is expected to be received and paid in full at the time of enrollment/registration.

However, tuition may be paid as late as the class start date. There is a small potential your seat in the class
may not be guaranteed and you moved to the next scheduled class.
Please keep in contact with us (should this be your situation) as we will do our best to accommodate you.

Attendance Policy

Each student is required to attend a minimum 200 hours of training for the FULL Course, and a minimum of 100 hours for the Accelerated Course — the aggregate of online, classroom and field trip events.

Flight Innovation, Inc. is required to maintain student attendance records, for inspection by the FAA, to assure compliance
with FAR Part 65.

Event Cancellation

Flight Innovation, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any training course due to internal business decisions or events beyond
Flight Innovation, Inc. control.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation, you will be notified and offered the option to switch to a future Aircraft Dispatcher
course or to receive a full refund.

 Personal Hardship Understanding

Once a class has started, typically, there are no refunds issued.

However, if, for personal reasons any student must leave a training class, they will be entitled to attend the next scheduled
FULL Course at no extra cost, classroom seating permitting.

That student will also be responsible for the costs of any FAA exam retakes, if applicable.

If a Student Fails a Class

Should a student fail to achieve their FAA Flight Dispatcher certificate at the end of training, that student is permitted to attend
a full retake of a future class for the cost of $500.

That student will also be responsible for the costs of any FAA exam retakes.

In this event, a student opting for this class retake will not have seating priority over any fully paid students enrolled
in that future class.

Refund Policy

Any and all tuition payments are non-refundable unless the Aircraft Dispatcher training course is canceled.

Personal Data & Records Privacy

In signing up for a Flight Innovation, Inc. training event, the FAA requires that you provide a certain amount of your personal data.
This data will be retained in a United States government secure website. (IACRA).

Your privacy is very important to us as well as our meeting the legal requirements to secure your personal information.
We guarantee that none of your personal information is accessible outside of these secure data repositories.

For More Information

Flight Innovation is always looking to improve its programs, and welcomes feedback. If you would like to provide feedback or file a
complaint regarding a Flight Innovation program, please email our office at  info@flightinnovation.com.